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    Thanks to its special formulation, Copper Power is one of the safest and yet most effective copper solutions for treatment of external parasites, such as ich and velvet. Copper Power contains a very stable form of copper medication with low levels of precipitation, and thanks to this it is able to…

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    PE mysis has been used and loved by all types of saltwater aquarists. Now the power of fresh PE mysis has been encapsulated in a pellet form along with other essential nutrients and vitamins resulting in a nutritionally complete diet. Three Sizes Available: * 1mm (2oz) - Perfect for…

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    copper, including chelated copper, and the media changes color to a deep blue-black color, making it easy to tell when it’s exhausted.   Features * Powerful adsorbent of copper and heavy metals * Copper specific chelating resin * Removes all types of copper

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