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    ZEOvit System Guide KZ Product Guide   KZ Coral Booster is a special blend of elements to stimulate all corals for enhanced coloration, growth and immune response. Works to balance elemental deficiencies Enhances blue and pink coloration Complements Flatworm Stop Provide trace elements for…

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    …another battery backup configuration there is a ton of value in the Ecotech line and their battery backup In an aquarium with no flow, fish and corals begin to die in as little as 4 to 10 hours. The VorTech Battery Backup is reef tank insurance in an aluminum housing. By adding the VorTech Battery…


    …harmed corals as well as increased basal encrustation Dosage: 1 mL per 25 gallon tank water daily. Dose directly into the tank. Can be combined with Coral Booster for a strong synergistic vigor booster.   Korallen-Zucht Flatworm Stop will help reduce parasitic flatworms on Acropora and SPS corals

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    100mL Bottle Rapidly trigger coral feeding responses in corals, inverts and other marine life within seconds of it being introduced to your tank. The increased feeding response give your corals the ability to absorb more food each feeding. 18 Amino Acids 12 Fatty Acids Natural Astaxanthan pigment  …


    Why does BRS recommend this? Selcon is a vitamin and fatty acid booster for marine fish that has proven its value in this hobby. A little Selcon will go a long way by soaking any type of food in it for a few minutes prior to feeding, increasing any foods nutritional value. Selcon is a vitamin…

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