Coral Gum

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    …projects.  The Tunze Coral Gum is really nice as it doesn’t have the traditional epoxy smell like most others on the market.   Coral Gum instant is a two-component coral adhesive for safe cementing coral frags to rock, frag plugs or frag disks. Coral Gum mixes up extremely…

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    …to squirt food with a slow motion in the vicinity of the corals to be fed. The viscosity can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of tank water. Broadcast feeding is better for corals with smaller mouths like SPS and soft corals.   Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein…

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    …Reef Sand   We normally use BRS Extra Thick Super Glue when mounting smaller frags to disks. For heavier frags Tunze Instant Coral Gum works very well.    Specifications: * Disk Diameter: 1.25" * Disk Thickness: 0.25" * Max Tank Thickness:…

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