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    Coral Rx. * Add 20 mL or 4 capfuls of Coral Rx to 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of saltwater from aquarium. * Mix well. * Using a small powerhead, keep the water moving and place coral in the coral dip. * If you do not have a powerhead, gently shake coral in the coral dip. * Keep coral

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    …promote coral health and bacterial infections.    How to use Coral Rx One Shot: * 1. Pour one gallon of water from your aquarium into a bowl or bucket. * 2. Add the whole vial of Coral Rx One Shot to the bowl or bucket. * 3. Shake you coral in Coral Rx solution…

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    …additions of corals to your system!     Follow instructions carefully and Do not add Coral Rx Pro directly into aquarium.   How to use Coral Rx Pro: Directions for Coral Rx Pro: Shake bottle of Coral Rx. Add 30 drops or 1/3 tsp of Coral Rx Pro to 1…

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