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    …the saw. Frame, cover and water reservoir are molded entirely from structural-grade thermoplastic. Interior support walls are extra thick for maximum strength and durability. Large work surface is 9" X 10.75" and corrosion resistant. Suitable for use as a fragging saw to cut stony corals and live…

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    …and is generally used to cut corals. It is based upon the regular C-40, but has improvements designed to reduce maintenance when the saw is used in a corrosive environment, such as with salt water. The XL version of this saw adds about two inches of height to the saw, enabling the cutting of larger…

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    …Reefsmart Coral Cutters are ergonimically designed to allow for superb control, positioning, and comfortability during use. This reduces stress and damage to your corals during propagation. Simply align the coral frag or disc on the anvil for a perfect cut-- no need for traumatic sawing motions.…

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    …might be time to replace your saw blade. Use genuine Inland Craft stainless steel diamond coated replacement saw blades to keep your DB-100 frag saw running in tip-top shape. Features Genuine Inland Craft Factory Replacement Stainless steel band; copper free & coral safe 37.7 circumference Part…

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