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    …Water CW series of algae scrubbers and slide over the light pods keeping almost 100% of the light in the scrubbing system. They do not take up any extra space since they have been perfectly designed to just fill in the voids around the lights and do not protrude past the original footprint of the CW

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    The VCA Quick-Clip & Hook Screen Clips make screen maintenance on your Clearwater Algae Scrubbers a breeze. These easy to use clips will attach to the 1/2" feed pipe and secure the screen at the proper depth. The screen comes off and reattaches just as easily thanks to the design of the hooks,…

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    …6" - 10" Reversible Weir (Flat or Toothed) Probe Holders: 4 (3x 1/2" diameter and 1x 3/4" diameter) Cable Grommet: 1.5" What's Included? 1x Turbo 50 Sump (Rev B) 2x 1.5" Slip x Slip Bulkheads (drains) 1x 1" Slip x Slip Bulkhead (return) 1x Reversible Weir 1x Removable Filter Sock Tray for two (2)…

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    Turbo's Aquatics sumps are the first sumps specifically designed to accept an algae scrubber, filter roller and DC return pump without complicated plumbing or unsightly tubing! These high-quality sumps are MADE IN THE USA using " cell cast acrylic. The side and bottom panels are clear and opaque…

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