Ddr Dos Dual Reservoir

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    An elegant and highly refined solution to two-part/liquid storage, the DOS Dual Reservoir's advanced features are Apex Ready! Features: Large Storage Capacity - Each vessel holds up to 2 liters of fluid for a total storage volume of 4 liters Connects directly to yourDOS dosing system Engineered with…

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    Neptune DOS & DDR Dosing System Package Package includes: DOS Fluid Metering System DDR DOS Dual Reservoir System When you pair the DOS Fluid Metering System with the DDR Dual Reservoir System you create one of the smartest, state of the art dosing packages in the world. In conjunction with Apex…

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    …Adaptability -The DOS has an accessory port that will enable it to be connected to the DDR Dual DOS Reservoir. Super silent operation -The Neptune Systems engineering team has taken extensive steps both in how the pump operates as well as the enclosure design to ensure that the DOS system is one of…

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