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    …Ultra-transparent media cartridge allows for clearest viewing of reactor media   The Deluxe BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor is designed to be easy to use, setup and maintain the BRS fluidized reactor is perfect for utilizing GFO and Carbon in the aquarium. several distinct…

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    …Push Connect x Push Connect * Polypropylene construction * Dual EPDM O-rings * NSF Standard 58 Certified * White or Black Black 1/2" x 1/2" push connect 90° replacement union for the Deluxe BRS Carbon and GFO Reactor. These are Mur-lok dual EPDM O-ring fittings.

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    …on your system or reactor we most likely have the canister to fit your needs. The most common RODI systems along with the BRS systems use the 10" Canister with 1/4" ports. The standard and dual BRS Reactors use the same 10" canister but with 1/2" ports, and deluxe reactors use the 10" canister…

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    …BRS Reactors. Includes one clear cartridge and three foam disks (installed). This is an alternative to the newer, BRS Reactor Refillable Cartridge – Hard Shell. SKU: 204187. The newer hard shell style is more popular but either type can be used in single, deluxe and dual BRS reactors.

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    …having to hunt down the sump, stand, and plumbing.   With the framework of the Reefer Deluxe 3XL 900 system, you have the freedom to choose the skimmer, return pump, media reactors, and other hardware to complete your dream system. This system also features ultra-clear rimless,…

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    …flow rates consistent throughout the tank.   Red Sea Deluxe Reefer aquariums now come with Red Sea ReefLED 90 lighting along with Red Sea's RL90 mounting system all in a single package.   Deluxe Reefer Peninsula 500 Aquariums include 3x Red Sea ReefLED 90 Lights …

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