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    Vacuum Tool turns small pumps like the Sicce Syncra Nano or Maxi-Jet powerheads into compact aquarium vacuums for efficient debris removal. Reach those tight spots in your reef where detritus is hiding out with the specialized narrow design of Crevice Vacuum Tool to remove collecting detritus with…

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    Turn your Sicce Syncra Nano or Marineland MaxiJet (MJ) Pump Into an Aquarium Cleaning Vacuum! Perfect for cleaning bare-bottom aquariums or sumps of detritus buildup, the Vivid Creative Aquatics Vacuum Attachment can connect to any pump with a 3/4" slip input or tubing. The specialized shape helps…

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    …Over time the suspended polymers in Razor will loosen accumulations and inhibit future deposits from attaching to surfaces, making scraping and vacuuming easier and more effective. The polymers also act as a flocculant, aggregating particulate matter for easier removal through skimming and other…

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    …making removal by scraping and vacuuming much easier Establishment of bacterial colonies that multiply and continue to clean the aquarium Rapid reduction of organic carbon, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and phosphate Digestion of uneaten/undigested food, excreta, detritus, and other latent organic…

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