Diamond Hole Drill

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    …have it drilled. Use our diamond coated glass drill bits. Drilling glass is actually pretty easy with the correct tools. Diamond coated drill bits will allow you to drill a hole where ever you need in non-tempered glass for bulkheads, or any other plumbing your system desires. For drill bit and…

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    Drill guide is used to eliminate bit wobble and ensure the beginning of your cut is straight. Once the cut is started it is a piece of cake. The bracket includes a level actuated suction cup to hold it securely in place both vertically and horizontally. The drill guide is adjustable up to 83mm bits.

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    …never drilled glass before it can be a bit daunting.  To make it easier we highly recommend a drill press to keep your drill from jumping around and allowing you to have nice smooth control of the drill bit.  These presses will work for many other applications where a straight, controlled hole is…

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    This affordable hole saw set includes all the holes sizes for all the Uniseals on BulkReefSupply.com. Use it for drilling acrylic, PVC and water storage containers like plastic garbage cans or drums. See more for all the hole sizes.

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    …BRS almost any tank we set up will incorporate the Synergy Reef Overflows for their extensive feature list and reliability. Low Profile Injection Molded Removeable weir Failsafe operation Completely silent Years of research & testing Note: 65mm drill bit required for installation (sold separately)

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