Digital Thermometer

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    A large display digital thermometer with Alert feature. Displays both aquarium water temperature and room temperature. Available in °F or °C models. Has four Alert features. (Alarm will sound and LED flashes) High Temp Alert Only (Probe) Both High & Low Temp Alert Only (Air/Room) Low Temp Alert Only…


    Knowing the temperature of your reef tank is very important, and with the Hanna Checktemp HI98509 Digital Thermometer, you can accurately know your aquariums temperature within 0.5°F. Each Checktemp comes with a 3.3' silicone cable that has a stainless steel probe at the end that gives rapid…


    The TDS-3 Handheld TDS Meter from HM Digital is a useful tool to spot check the TDS of your home water supply or RO/DI unit output. This unit features a digital display, built in thermometer, and comes with a carrying case. As with all HM-Digital products, the TDS-3 comes factory calibrated.


    …immune system and the probability of avoidable diseases, parasites, and bacterial infections.   JBJ TRUE TEMP – Digital Heater Controller Easy to Use Large LED Display with accurate digital controllers. Easy push buttons make setting your desired temperature simple and easy. Compatibility Plug any…


    …of the aquarium. Programming the controller only takes a minute and doesn't require any special programming knowledge to get it right.  Precise Digital Readout Replaceable Temperature Probe Dual Heater Control Easy to Calibrate Adjustable Hysteresis   Recommended Heaters - Bulk Reef Supply Titanium…

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