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    All Natural, High Protein food for Fish, Coral, and Filter Feeders! Calanus (arctic copepods) are all-natural and a great source of carotenoids and anti-oxidants. The freeze-dried copepods are perfect as a stand-alone food source or can be added to any DIY food mix to increase the nutritional…


    …have kits available as well. The 1/4" netting is perfect for tanks with larger fish, and the larger spacing between the netting makes it easy to feed multiple different types of food through without having to remove the top every time you wish to feed your aquarium.    DIY Screen Netting Top Kits

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    …eggs available. Hatching brine shrimp eggs is super simple with a hatchery which you can buy or DIY. Live baby brine shrimp make a great treat for any fish, but can be extremely useful with finicky fish like dragonettes, angels, and wrasses. With the addition of spirulina powder to the shrimp's…


    Add a Blast of Carotene to your DIY Foods! Arctic Copepod Powder can be used as an additive to almost any type of food to help increase the overall nutritional content. Used by ornamental fish keepers and other reef enthusiasts due to the extremely high levels of astaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, and…

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