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    …Specifications: * Dimensions (approx) - 10.5" x 8.5" x 5.5" * Capacity - 2000ml per side (0.52 gallons) * Apex, Apex Lite, or Apex Jr. and DOS dosing system required to operate level sensors   What's in the Box? * DDR with sensors and cable *…

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    …two part dosing. You can use it for automatic water changes once a week or even once a day, minor trace element additive dosing, liquid food dosing, or pretty much any other liquid your tank may need to be dosed in metered amounts. You simply just hook the DOS Fluid Metering system to your Apex

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    …minutes to determine how much to dose. This is not only confusing, but also prone to inaccuracy.  Everyone knows that when measuring a fluid it is done by volume, not time. Every dosing calculators out there uses volume. So, with the DOS, DDR, and the Apex Fusion interface you simply…

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    …starting dosing amount and ADC will only tune that dosing level +/-35%. If it takes more than that amount of dosing to keep your aquarium at your target value, then the Apex will stop ADC, revert to your starting dosing amount, and alert you that you need to manually adjust your dosing level. Then,…

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