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    dosing even with small increments. The tubing clips are also a real bonus, allowing you to anchor the lines along the way and keep them from flopping around inside of your stand or cabinet. Features Air-resistant TPE tubing Keeps Tubing organized and secured Quick connect tips ensure precise dosing

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    Replacement Tubing for the Neptune DOS Dosing and Fluid Metering System If you need longer tubing for your DOS dosing system or DDR reservoirs. Extend the distance from your pump to the reservoirs, or the pump to your tank. Two Sizes Available: 4 Meters 16 Meters

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    Simplicity heavy duty silicone tubing for your dosing needs. Stays flexible Resists cracking 10 ft in length 4mm ID / 6mm OD Available in 3 colors

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    …lines separate and easy to identify. If you are dosing a variety of additives such as calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, trace elements, and maybe a nutrient supplement like Reef Energy Plus, it can quickly turn into a confusing mess of dosing lines, and it's important to keep different additives…

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    Get the Perfect Drip Dosing liquids using a traditional tube holder allows the tube to curl which is less than ideal, the Dosing Pump Hose Connector & Holder uses acrylic tubes that securely attach to the holder. Angled bottom cuts allow liquids to flow out without ending up on your aquarium…

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    Simplicity heavy duty silicone tubing for your dosing needs. Stays flexible Resists cracking 25 ft in length 4mm ID / 6mm OD Available in 3 colors

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    …Features: Large Storage Capacity - Each vessel holds up to 2 liters of fluid for a total storage volume of 4 liters Connects directly to yourDOS dosing system Engineered with a low center of gravity to help avoid tips and spills Optical sensors provide real-time fluid levels to the Apex Fusion…

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    …reduce noise and evaporation, which is another unique trait that shows their attention to detail. Rounded corners, euro-bracing, probe holders and dosing tube holders round out the mainstays for a really well rounded sump design. Features: High quality full cast acrylic construction and full top…

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    …three probes. The two outside holes are 0.63” in diameter and the center hole is 0.8” in diameter to fit different sized probes. Hose Holder All Sapphire sumps also come with 4 holes in the top support brace for holding in place 1/4” OD tubing from reactors, dosing pumps, ATO, etc.

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    dosing schedules. Through ReefBeat, you can schedule dosing programs to run every day, or only on selected days, with daily doses ranging from once per day to once per hour. Automatic rescheduling after changes in dosing schedule or number of doses Dose Queue presents coordinated list of doses

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    …wear out. Dosing tube lubricant that works for all types of dosing pump heads.By adding Dosing Tube Lubricant to your dosing pumps rollers and tubing you can greatly increase the lifespan of the tubing and entire pump. Compatible with: Drew's Doser BRS 1.1mL Dosing Pump BRS 50mL Dosing Pump Bubble…

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    …standard dosing pump tubing directly to the jugs. Component 1+, 2+, 3+ can be used with: SPS corals LPS Corals Soft Corals Clams & other filter feeders Dosing Instructions: Dosing will vary per your aquariums demand for trace elements. For an average reef tank, the starting dose will be around…

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    Extension tube for Drew's Doser. Drew's Dosers extension tubing is great for replacing your current worn out, old tubing, or simply just replacing the tubing you have for a new additive. Specifications Outside Diameter: 1/4" Inside Diameter: 1/8" Two Lengths Available 25 foot 50 foot

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    The ReefDose Tube Tips allow for quick and easy connection of your dosing tubing to the ReefDose Tubing Holder. They provide a clean and precisely sized dosing tip for extremely accurate dosing of reef additives. Whats Included? 4x ReefDose Tube Tips

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    Dosing Pump or any other dosing system in place on the side of the tank or sump. Securely holding your dosing tubes will keep them from falling into the water and clogging or even worse out of your sump and dosing 2 part onto your cabinet stand or floors. For acost-efficientand functional dosing

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    Bubble Magus BM-T02 is a 4-channel dosing expansion pump set. Add one BM-T02 4-Head Expansion Accessory to a BM-T01 Dosing pump to form a 7-channel pump. Add up to two (2) BM-T02 4-Head Expansion Accessories to form an 11-channel titration pump. BM-T02 4-Head Expansion Accessory is NOT a stand-alone…

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    …android and iOS devices will let you easily calibrate and program your Versa pumps for a variety of functions. Continuous dosing over time Up to 30 discreet dosing points 3 dosing modes: automated, continuous or manual Integration with other EcoTech/Mobius equipment (e.g., feed mode) Capacity of…

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    …connect to the supplied tubing in Bubble Magus Dosing Pump Heads. Sold Individually - Two required per head Replacement tube adapters are great to have on hand and are compatible with all Bubble Magus dosing pump systems. The adapters allow standard dosing pump tubing 3/16" to connect to the tubing…

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    …a dosing system for their aquariums is for consistent and easy dosing of 2-part solutions (calcium and alkalinity) to their reef tanks. The most common method for doing this today is to use standalone dosing pumps and run them on a timer using seconds or minutes to determine how much to dose. This…

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    …much the pump will dose in a 10-minute time frame. Simply dividing the total output by 10 will let you know how much the pump will dose per minute of operation. What's Included? 1x 1.1mL Dosing Pump 1x Pump Mounting Bracket 1x Mounting Bracket Screw Set 17 FT 1/4" OD Dosing Pump Tubing 1x…

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    …problem. By clicking on the Help and Dose tabs, they will advise how to correct the problem along with the solution and volume needed to be dosed. Instructions:By using Triton ICP-OES testing you will be able to know which elements are low or high, and with the dose report that comes with the test…

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    …problem. By clicking on the Help and Dose tabs, they will advise how to correct the problem along with the solution and volume needed to be dosed. Instructions:By using Triton ICP-OES testing you will be able to know which elements are low or high, and with the dose report that comes with the test…

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    …isolate and hold the tubing securely. They are designed to be used with traditional polyethylene RO tubing, but can also be used with some types of dosing pump tubing as well. Each bracket can be individually mounted with the included mounting screws or with alternative methods like double sided…

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    …Reactors use an up-flow design to mix saltwater, calcium carbonate and CO2 inside a reaction chamber to eliminate the need for daily two-part dosing. Not only will the AquaMaxx cTech T-1 Calcium Reactor keep your levels balanced, you will no longer have to calculate daily dosages for your tank.…

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    Keep your Kamoer FX-STP Dosing Pump system running like new with the PharMed Replacement Tube Assembly. The PharMed tubing will last about 2000 hours of use and should be replaced after that for reliable long-term use. We also suggest replacing the Pump Head when replacing the tubing. What's…

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    …and the tubing can be removed from the roller. Keeping the tubing fresh will help decrease resistanceon the roller motor keeping the pump more precise and lasting longer. Specifications Materials - Novoprene Outer Dimension - 2.5mm Length - 150mm What's Included? 1x Replacement GHL Dosing Tube

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    …wear out from being kneaded over and over and exposed to caustic reef additives. After a while they may begin to deform or crack. Replace your doser tubing regularly to avoid costly malfunctions and interruptions to your dosing schedule. Whats Included? 1x ReefDose Dosing-Head Tube with Hose Barbs

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    …creating a vacuum, strong PVC hose connectors will safely keep your dosing tubing in place, and integrated holders for the addition of float switches (sold separately). Modular design Tight-fitting lid High capacity Integrated float switch holders Strong PVC hose connections Imperial and Metric…

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    …connectors for Kamoer WiFi Dosing Pump Systems. Replacement Kamoer Dosing Pump System input and output connectors are made to perfectly fit the Kamoer Dosing Pump Tubing. Replacement Tube Connectors let you replace your current ones, or if you need to splice your dosing tubes together you can do…

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    Secures flexible tubing Can be installed vertically or horizontally Holds four tubes with max. thickness of 5/8" Fits tanks up to 1.25" thick

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    The BM-T11 is a great option for calcium and alkalinity supplementation, additive dosing, or even food dosing. Purchase the BM-T12 slave unit to add additional heads to your T11 setup! Bubble Magus' most advanced pump to date! Features: Stylish new body color and form factor Expandable up to 11…

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    Somatic by Vertex Four tube dosing line or ATO tube holder that is designed for the Somatic 60 Filtration System. Attaches directly to the sump wall Installs in seconds Hold up to 4 tubes Titanium Screws The Somatic 60 Dosing Line Holder will hold your dosing pumps tubing or your ATO tubing securely…

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