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    …grade ammonium chloride, purified water   Shelf Live - Stored in a cool dry place, the shelf life is indefinite.   Cycling a new aquarium or need to combat Cyanobacteria or other algae? Get your free download of Dr. Tim's Aquatic Recipes for Success

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    …tanks is widely used throughout the hobby and can be used to help prevent common issues with new tanks while helping stabilize existing tanks. Dr. Tim is considered to be one of the premier authorities on marine nitrifying bacteria in open and closed systems. One & Only contains millions of…

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    ammonia level of 3ppm. 1 Bottle treats up to 250 gallons of water. After dosing, the addition of a bacterial starter culture such as Dr. Tim's One & Only, Microbacter Start XLM, or Fritz TurboStart will jumpstart the cycling process and quickly establish a biofilter. We recommend testing ammonia

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    …than SAFE. For emergency ammonia removal, we recommending considering treatment with an ammonia neutralizing water conditioner such as ClorAm-X and a bacterial cycling additive such as Dr. Tims One & Only or MicrobacterStart XLM.\n* In the absence of free ammonia, the unit will assume a yellow…

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