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    …  Quality air pumps can be hard to come by, but Eheim Silent Air Pumps are hands down the best for the money. Each pump comes with adjustable flow control and a diffuser, giving you everything you need to add oxygen to your aquarium. Eheim Air Pumps operate almost silently and with the rubber…


    …Light Bioload - 220 Gallons   What is Included? I-Supra C+ Sump Omega 180i Rx-U+ 2.0 universal Media Reactor V 3.5 Pump / F≤3500LPH: Return Pump Eheim C1000 pump: Drain Pump for skimmer compartment 4” Filter Sock Rigid PE under-mat Stainless Steel Hose Clamps* Silicone Hose for 25mm and 40mm Pipe…