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    …Skimz Pump Sizes  Your Skimmer Pump  Skimz Replacement Pump Number  BRS SKU Fits These Skimmers ES2000 ES2000 208811 SM121, SK181, and SM122 ES2800 ES2800 208812 SK201, SM161, SM162, and SK202 ES5000 ES5000 208813 SM251, SK251, SM201, SM202, SM252, SM302, SK222, and SK252 VSC1.2/QPS1.2 QPS1.2 211028…

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    …genuine Skimz replacement parts!   Skimz Impeller Sizes  Your Skimmer Pump  Skimz Replacement Impeller Number  BRS SKU ES2000 PWI-ES2000 208805 ES2800 PWI-ES2800 208806 ES5000 PWI-ES5000 208807 VSC1.2 PWI-VSC1.2 210164 VSC2.1 PWI-VSC2.1 210165 VSC4.0 PWI-VSC4.0 210166 VSC6.0 PWI-VSC6.0 210167 DC9.0…

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    …and high performance Design allows cleaned water to exit bottom practically bubble-free Skimmer draws water directly from sump Features a Skimz ES2800 Needlewheel Pump - no feed pump required   Skimz Manufacturer's Manual Features: Integrated cylindrical and cone shape chambers help reduce bubble…


    …just want to keep an extra on hand we have a wide range of OE Skimz replacement parts on hand. Replacement Pump Front Cover Compatibility Chart Skimz Part Number Pump Model BRS SKU FC-ES2000 ES2000 209757 FC-ES2800 ES2800 209758 FC-ES5000 ES5000 209759 FC-ES2800/5000-P ES2800-P ES5000-P 211033

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    …Skimmer Specifications: Body Diameter: 6.3" (160mm) Foot Print: 8.19” x 13.39” (208mm x 340mm) Total Height: 22.83” (580mm) Cup Diameter: 162mm   ES2800 Needlewheel Pump Features: Skimz worked with an Italian pump manufacturer, using advanced material for the needlewheel impeller, seamless-coated…


    If you broke, lost, or just simply want a replacement on hand we carry a wide variety of Skimz replacement parts.   Replacement Pump O-Ring Compatibility Chart   Skimz Part Number Pump Model BRS SKU JD01 E2000, E2800 209756 JD02 E4200, E5000 209854 OQ022-P ES-2000, ES2800, ES5000-P 211086

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