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    …recommend this? For the price the extra thick super glue is a great value.  Employees at BRS choose to use the 20 gram tube for its ease of use, and being able to get every last drop out.  The extra thick super glue is slightly thicker than most traditional thick super glue. Choose from 3 different…

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    extra thick viscosity helps hold frags in position until the glue has set completely and can bridge small gaps where standard super glue would fall into the gap. We highly recommend the Insta-set Accelerator to help speed up the set time for any extra thick super glue. Maxi-Cure is labeled as "Extra

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    IC-Gel Insta Cure Cyanoacrylate Gel comes in 20 gram tubes and is a widely used super glue within the hobby. With its quick dry time, and extra thick consistency you can use the IC-Gel on vertical surfaces and it will not run. It is great for heavier frags that you need to stand vertical or heavier…


    If you have a euro braced tank or a tank with extra thick glass or trim the Kessil Extension mount is designed to mount to the back of the stand below the tank giving a secure mounting point for the mounting arms. Total Length - 57.5"  

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