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    The Skimz feeding stations are a great low cost option to keep pellet, frozen, and flake food from going down your overflow weirs. By using a feeding ring the food will need to sink ever so slightly before it can exit the feeding ring.  Skims Feeding stations will mount directly to the rim of your…

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    …standard in peristaltic pumps. The 4 pack with base station offers incredible capability and value.    The Versa excels in many precision aquarium pump applications, including dosing, auto top off (ATO), automated water changes, and reactor feeding. Precision DC Stepper Motor with planetary gearing…


    …  Ecotech Marine also offers a sleek base station (sold separately) as an option to organize up to four pumps with a single power supply. The Versa can be purchased as a single pump or as a four-pack that includes a consolidated power rail base station.    Download the Mobius App:   Specifications:…

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