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Filter Strainer

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    …The DMFit filter strainer will only remove larger particles that can damage the booster pumps internals while leaving smaller sediments that do not cause any harm through for your RODI sediment filter. Keep sediment out of your Aquatec Booster pump with the DMFit Filter Strainer. 100 Mesh (150…

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    …important to keep the cartridge strainer free of floating tank debris. You can do this by using the foam maxijet prefilter, filter socks on your sump return and placing the pump in a clean area of your sump If it does clog you can clean the cartridge strainer as part of your standard maintenance…

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    …High quality easy to use double O-Ring push connect fittings. Easy to operate, clean and maintain. High quality ball valve for precise tuning. Filter wrench (2) 3 Ft. sections of tubing Instantly attaches to popular pumps using included push connect or threaded fittings. 1/2" fittings and ports…

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    …tanks The MiniUP performs like a typical power filter but in a very compact package that can be placed virtually anywhere in your aquarium. For mechanical and biological filtration water is pulled into the MiniUP through the slotted strainer and then forces the water through a sponge trapping…

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    Replacement intake tube w/ strainer for AquaMaxx HOB-1, HOB-1.5, and HF-M Protein Skimmers

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    A 2-pack of replacement filter sponges for the Eheim MiniUP or MiniFLAT power filters. Replacement filter sponges are super easy to install into your MiniUP or MiniFLAT power filters. By removing the lower strainer, the old sponge can be removed for cleaning and a new one can be placed in within…

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