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Fish Acclimation Kit

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    …tank inhabitants with the AccuDrip Acclimation Kit from Innovative Marine.Acclimating new fish and corals can be the difference between success and stress for your new purchase. Proper acclimation will slowly introduce your tanks water to help the fish acclimate to any possible changes over a short…

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    …Maintains aHealthy Biofilter Prevents Fish Loss– Fritz-Zyme Saves Lives! A Safe,NaturalApproach to WaterTreatment Available in Five Sizes: 1oz Kit - Treats up to 25 Gallons 4oz Kit - Treats up to 100 Gallons 16oz Kit - Treats up to 400 Gallons 32oz Kit - Treats up to 800 Gallons 128oz - Treats…

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    …shock, gently acclimates fish to bright LEDs Specifically designed for saltwater aquariums with a high ratio of blue spectrum light for corals and other photosynthetic organisms Fully controllable, includes Ramp Timer Pro with wireless IR remote Four color spectrums specific for marine fish and reef…

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    …introducing the new fish into your main aquarium or into the quarantine tank. Recommended Use Take fish from store directly home without delay. Acclimate fish to the same temperature and pH of the aquarium before performing the Safety Stop bath. While your fish is acclimating, prepare the two baths:…

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    acclimation modes Yes Adjustable Moonlight Duration (0-6 hours) Yes On-Demand Color Adjustment Yes Memory for Power Outage Yes Lighting Channels 4 Compatible LED Lights Compatible LED Lights Ramp Timer Pro Satellite+ LED Fixture No Satellite LED Fixture Yes (Replacement Only) TrueLumen Pro Kits Yes…

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