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    …diseases in your reef tank. Targets infected areas safely and includes a skin-slime replacement to speed up recovery. 3.5 oz Contains proven ingredients - nitrofurazone and furazolidone Can be used as a dip, bath or with food Extremely safe Treats Zoa Pox Use for pond, freshwater or marine fishes


    FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.  Cuprion is NOT reef safe. Copper is an extremely toxic to all animals in certain concentrations.  Scaled fish can handle small amounts of copper to treat certain diseases.  Any Copper treatments should be done in a quarantine tank with proper filtration and daily ammonia…

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    Cultivate Zooplankton to feed your fish larvae, invertebrates and corals. 2.5 L Volume (approx. 0.65 gallons) 3.2" Diameter 32" Length 1/4" Hose Connections Wall Bracket and Connections for Air Pump Included

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    Treat the infestation of Marine Ich and other common deseases with Hikari Ich-X Saltwater. One Size Available: 16 oz For use with saltwater or freshwater fish only Treats Marine Ich, Marine Fungi, Protozoans, and Flukes Not for use in with corals or inverts - Do not overdose


    Aqua Medic recently updated their design to include a top down air feed tube, and dedicated drain to make things easier and more efficient. Brine shrimp are an easily sustainable food source for your fish. Fish will take to live foods much quicker than any other type of food. The Aquabreed 1000 can…


    …of Oodinium from your reef tank. Oodinium is a type of parastic dinoflagellate that is known to cause "velvet disease" in fish. At the first sign of illness remove the fish to a hospital tank and treat with 2 mL per 20 liters of water on the first day. On the second and 3rd day add 1 mL per 20…

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    fish you need to remove from your tank and he just won't go in the net? Try the Fish Trap from Aqua Medic. The Fish Trap is baited with food and as soon as the fish is inside the trap - release the mechanism to close the trap. The fish is now trapped with water to help reduce stress on the fish.


    Malachite Green is a chemical based parasite control solution that is effective against external parasites, protozoans, and fungal infections.  One size available - 4.0 oz. (118 mL) Treats up to 240 gallons Treats external fungal infections, and parasites. Treats fungal infections on fertile eggs.…


    Methylene Blue helps prevent fungal infections on fish, fertile eggs, and fry. It is also well known for its oxygen transporting properties allowing it to help increase survival rates of newly arrived fish with known cyanide and nitrite poisoning. One size available - 4.0 oz. (118 mL) Treats up to…


    …in newly setup saltwater aquariums to make it fish safe. Live nitrifying bacteria reduces fish loss in marine aquariums due to ammonia and nitrite toxicity. BIO-Spira can also be used after a water change, when adding new fish, or after medicating your saltwater aquarium. See shipping restrictions…

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    …infestation of Marine Ich (Cryptocaryon irritants) in your aquarium with Ich-X from Hikari. One size available: 16 oz For use freshwater and saltwater fish only Effective - especially when used after PraziPro treatment Less harsh form of malachite green Treats Ich, Cryptocaryoniasis, Trichodiniasis,…


    If you have a trouble crab, worm, or even smaller fish, the Tom's Pest Trap is by far the best piece of equiptment to trap and remove them from your aquarium.  Dimensions: 5.9"L x 2.7"W x 2.7"H


    250mL Measuring Cups work great for packing DI Cartridges High quality graduated measuring cups with a special no-drip lip – perfect for correctly measuring doses of your 2 Part solutions, fish foods, medications, and much more!

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