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    ZEOvit System Guide KZ Product Guide Korallen-Zucht Flatworm Stop will help reduce parasitic flatworms on Acropora and SPS corals while strengthening all other types of corals. Works by making Acropora tissue unpalatable to acro-eating flatworms Reef-safe and will not harm any other vertebrate or…

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    …Complements Flatworm Stop Provide trace elements for noticeable effects Dosage: 1 mL per 25 gallons every other day. KZ Coral Booster is a special blend of elements to stimulate all corals for enhanced coloration, growth and immune response. Works great with KZ Flatworm Stop. Do not exceed…

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    …How to Use Siphon out as many flatworms as possible before dosing. Add 4 drops of Flatworm Rx for every 10 gallons (37.9 liters) of water. Do not dose more than one treatment in a 24-hour period. For best results, add in high flow areas one drop at a time. Do not stop the use of carbon or protein…

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    …additives down the line, if you stick with this bundle for your system, you can't go wrong. Bundle Breakdown Flatworm Stop Protect your Acroporas from pests such as parasitic flatworms. Works over time to make Acropora tissue unpalatable without harming other animals in your reef. Sponge Power…

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    …ULTIMATE or a combination of Liquid Buffered ClorAm-X and Stress-X to remove ammonia, chlorine, and chloramines. Do not stop filtration, but remove activated carbon and stop foam-fractionation (protein skimming) and UV sterilization. SHAKE VIGOROUSLY before use. Measure Aquarium Solutions Liquid…

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    …response of fish. It is effective against Nematodes, Roundworms, Nodular Worms, and Hookworms. Expel-P also works as a coral dip to treat for flatworms and pest nudibranchs. Expel-P does not treat Cestodes (tapeworms) or Trematodes (flukes). Features Provides Fast Relief Wont discolor the water…

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