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    …flat surfaces to maximize use of available surface area in grow out systems; this is far better utilization of space than is provided by frag plugs or discs with circular or radius shapes to the glued surfaces. The spacious surface area of R.E.E.F. Plates enables them to be used as a large…

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    disc dry with a clean towel. Apply a small blob of R.E.E.F.-Fuze FCA to the attachment site on the disc, place the end of the coral or polyp into the FCA, then lightly and firmly hold the frag in place for 30 - 60 seconds. The HeXiDisc can be placed back into the grow out system as soon as the frag

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    …Saver Frag Mounts are one of our favorite options for mounting new coral frags for placement in our display tanks. The natural shapes and small size of these pieces allow them to easily blend into the aquascape rather than being an eyesore like large discs or plugs can. Since these frag mount pieces…


    …rockscape. No need to mount your new frags on white chunks of rock or flat discs or tiles that stick out like an eyesore for weeks.    Rubble sized FragZone LifeRock will blend perfectly with your other LifeRock structures and are a great way to give frags a place to grow out without being mounted…

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