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    …growth at a very low cost. With fresh ingredients that don’t need to be frozen, and is a must-have for any tank with filter feeders. Reef Chili provides corals with all they need to be healthy and colorful in one food. Achieve faster growth. Contains all of the essential ingredients: Bio-engineered…

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    Frozen Foods will ship with UPS Next Day Air delivery service for a single flat rate of $29.99. The famous Rod's Food Original Blend is an all-in-one nutrient source that fits the needs of the smallest filter feeders to larger predatory fish. We have been using Rod's Food blends for years with great…

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    …the food right where you (or your fish) want it on your tanks side panel. Stuffing the pouch with any type of nori (dried algae) or other types of soft and frozen food works great and lets your fish feed throughout the day like they would in the wild.   Using a grazing style feeder is perfect…


    …over a single large feeding. Fish and other filter feeders will naturally graze and scavenge for food throughout the day and by offering different foods multiple times a day will mimic their natural feeding instincts and lead to better coloration and overall healthier fish. When feeding corals it is…


    …Helps fish resist disease and infections Ideal for fish, coral, and filter feeders Promotes increased coloration   One Size Available:   2oz   Typical Analysis: Protein - 49% Fat - 26% Moisture - 8% Astaxanthin - 400ppm    Want To Make Your Own Frozen Fish & Coral Foods? Frozen Reef Chili…

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