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    …cup and add only enough Garlic Power to saturate. Allow at least 5 minutes to elapse before feeding, enabling adequate time for the product to become thoroughly absorbed by the food. Liquid food suspensions may be fortified by adding 1.0 ml (approximately 8 drops) Garlic Power per 10 ml of food…

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    …while also giving their immune system a boost.  * High-quality raw materials * No defrosting required * Easy to use * Garlic strengthens immune system * Ideal for ornamental saltwater fish or corals   One Size Available - 250mL   …

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    …also report that garlic aids in getting your fish to eat prepared food enticing them to the smell. Aquaforest's Garlic Oil also contains omega acids and other antibiotics making it a perfect addition to your fish's food.   Instructions: Add 1 drop of Garlic Oil to 1 portion of…

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    …  Garlic has been used for years because of the demonstrated effects it has to help protect against bacterial disease, but also help increase the attractiveness of foods to fish. Tropic Marin Lipo-Garlic includes a high-quality blend of oils, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and garlic in…

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    …immunity * Complete balanced nutrition combination including fatty acids DHA & EPA * Contains shrimp meal for natural coloration * Drop into tank - pellets rapidly become sponge-like and is easily assimilated thereby reducing waste. * As the pellet absorbs water it slowly sinks,…

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