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    …Industries Maxi-Cure super glue is a thick gel cyanoacrlate based adhesive. The Maxi-Cure super glue is great for gluing small to large frags. The extra thick viscosity helps hold frags in position until the glue has set completely and can bridge small gaps where standard super glue would run down…

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    …The extra thick gel super glue is slightly thicker than traditional thick super glues.   BRS Extra Thick Gel Super Glue is 100% reef safe and perfect for attaching corals to frag mounts or aquascaping with rocks and other materials. Extra thick gel super glues are chosen because…

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    Extra Thick Coral Frag Super Glue! Not all super glues are the same and Polyplab's Premium Coral Frag Glue is the perfect solution for larger frags and extended fragging sessions. The ultra-thick super glue gel has a bunch of uses, from regular fragging, aquascaping, or even placing entire…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Jurassic Gel is great for aquascaping with live rock in a dry tank.  The large 200 gram tube allows you to liberally use the super glue to make an ultra-stable aquascape.  The glue is just thick enough to bridge small gaps and gives a much more natural…

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    IC-Gel Insta Cure Cyanoacrylate Gel comes 20-gram tubes and is a widely used super glue within the hobby. With its quick dry time, and extra thick consistency you can use the IC-Gel on vertical surfaces and it will not run. It is great for heavier frags that you need to stand vertical or…

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    gel adhesive to the applicator tip. Oceans Wonders Reef Glue Gel features a unique pin cap that eliminates clogs keeping the applicator spout clear for clean application. * 4x as thick as previous Oceans Wonders Reef Glue Gel * Triple distilled super strong Cyanoacrylate reef glue *…

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    …fragging. This basic kit includes hand-picked tools that we love for fragging.   What's Included? 1x #3 Scalpel handle 5x #10 Scalpel blades. 1x Small coral forceps 1x Soft tissue scissors 1x SPS coral bone cutter 1x 20g BRS extra thick gel super glue

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    …forceps * 1x Epoxy removal tool * 1x Soft tissue scissors * 1x Small curved scissors * 1x Coral Hemostat * 1x Large SPS coral bone cutter * 1x Small SPS coral bone cutter * 1x 20g BRS extra thick gel super glue * 1x #3 Scalpel handle * 5x #10 Scalpel blades

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