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    API General Cure is a medication that treats a wide variety of parasitic diseases including velvet, anchor worm, fish lice, hole-in-the-head disease (Hexamita spp. & Spironucleus spp.), and gill & skin flukes (Dactylogyrus spp. & Gyrodactylus spp.). It can be used in both freshwater and…

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    …with traditional Reef Saver Live Rock, the similar style of rock allows for a seamless transition from one style of rock to another. We recommend curing all rock before being used in an established system. MarcoRocks Reef Saver Shelf Dry Aquarium Live Rock, our environmentally friendly rock, works…

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    …Lanthanum-based treatment for extremely rapid and highly-effective phosphate reduction. Particularly during new aquarium "break-in" and during rock curing and cycling, phosphate can often rapidly accumulate in the water. During this time Lanthanum chloride products are ideal for rapidly…

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    General Bonding Glue is reef safe and ideal for aquascaping with dry live rock. Lower viscosity super glues work better in these cases because they will quickly move to fill in tight gaps between bonding surfaces better than thicker superglues and will provide a fast and secure bond with lower cure

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    …rock. Note:We recommend curing all rock before being used in an established system. How much rock do I need? Knowing exactly how much Dry Live Rock you will need can be one of the hardest questions to answer since every tank and rock will be slightly different. As a general guideline for Reef Saver…

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    …We do also recommend purchasing a little more than you may need since any extra can be used in the sump for added filtration. It is recommended to cure all rock before being used in an established system. Marco's Reef Saver rock is one of the easiest rocks to work with when aquascaping new tanks or…

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