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    …or remove sumps and pumps for maintenance with unions. The swivel action of a union allows you to position the angle of the elbow even after the glue dries.   More professional look than white Schedule 40 PVC. Schedule 80 Union - 1/2" Slip x 1/2" Thread Schedule 80 Union - 3/4” Slip x 3/4” Thread…

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    Vertex V-Colla Voila epoxy is specifically developed for us in aquariums to reduce clouding effect. V-Coll is pH neutral and reef-safe.   V-Colla Epoxy Can be applied in or out of water. For best results, manufacturer recommends application out of water. Can be applied to bonding object immediately…


    …frag plugs do not need to be cured and can be used right away. These plugs have a slightly textured surface on the crown making adhesives like super glue and epoxy stick very well with a long lasting bond.   Specifications: Crown - 3/4" Base - 7/16"     What's Included? 30x Bright White Ceramic Frag…


    …rack. EcoTech Marine Coral Frag Plugs are kiln-fired ceramic plugs - available in three colors. Colors: Natural, Purple or Black Available in a Mixed Bag containing all three colors Top of plug is scored in order for glue to better adhere Bottom of plug is four "legs" which fit easily on egg crate

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    …and forceps are all made from surgical grade stainless steel. Oceans Wonders DIY Coral Prorogation Kit Includes: 6" Bone Cutter for cutting hard bony corals 6" Soft Coral tissue cutting scissors 6" forceps for specimen handling 1 oz Cyanoacrylate Reef Glue Gel - enough for several dozen frags


    …handles that are not hollow and are very strong. The challenge of using fiberglass handles is connecting the scraper head to the handle. Traditionally glue is used on plastic handles, but fiberglass and plastic do not like to bond together too well and Continuum puts a notch in the head and handles…

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    …potential and prevent turning over. Attach the new coral frag to Brightwell Aquatics HexiDiscs (ideal surface area for frag growth) using a reef-safe glue or epoxy as directed. The new coral frag can now be added to the grow-out system (assuming like conditions of the main aquarium) or the main…

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