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    …and Zoanthus as wells as small polyp corals like Goniopora and others. From our observations, Coral Dust produces some of the best feeding responses of any zooplankton replacement we've tried. Even zoanthids and mushrooms will readily accept this food, and the particle size is perfect for broadcast…

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    …polyp extension * Helps maintain difficult coral species like Goniopora and Alveopora   Pohl’s Coral Vitalizer - Natural Coral Food   One of the few phosphate and nitrate free coral foods available. You can typically see increased polyp extension after…

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    …engineered coral food to enhance the growth and coloration of your reef corals. * Ingredients: Marine planktons containing a species of zooplankton unique to Reef-Roids * Formulated to minimize water degradation * Feed all filter feeding corals such as Goniopora, Zoanthids,…

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