Gravel Siphon

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    …success. The included squeeze ball makes starting the siphon very simple. By just pumping the ball a few times, the siphon will prime and you're off!   Pro-Clean  Gravel Tube Length Gravel Tube Diameter Overall length Recommended…

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    siphons, or mess with the Python No Spill Clean & Fill Gravel Cleaner. With just turning on your faucet, your household water pressure to pull water out of aquariums through a venturi effect.   Features: * Metal connection to faucet * Saves time * No siphon needed…

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    …13C - Joins the male and female connection that is close to the gravel tube giving you full control of flow in and out of the aquarium. * Replacement Squeeze - Compatible with most water change systems. Easily create a siphon by pumping the ball a few times. * Replacement Female Connector…

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