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    …the H80 can be accomplished with the included Canopy Mounting Adapter or the Mini A-Series Gooseneck which can be purchased separately.   What's Included? 1x H80 Tuna Flora 1x DC Power Supply 1x Canopy Mounting Adapter   H80 Info   H80

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    The perfect flexible mounting option for Kessil A80 & H80 LED lights. The Mini A-Series gooseneck mount makes mounting your Kessil A-Series light quick and easy. Having a flexible neck lets you perfectly position the light over the tank while having a stylish modern look for aquariums…

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    …organisms. Just add a refugium light to the CUBE Nano for an efficient source of filtration. Lights like the Tunze Full Spectrum LED and Kessil H80 are perfect choices.    Skimmer Chamber - 7.5" x 8.5" Simply choose any skimmer that has a footprint less than 7.5"…

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    …for growing algae and other types of plants that require a specialized spectrum. The H-Series Spectral Controller is the perfect mate for the H80 or H1200 LED lights with intuitive software that is focused on producing rapid growth of plants and algae.    Control the Kessil…

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    Perfect for Kessil H80 and A80 LED Lights The Kessil 90 Degree Adapter will work with any Kessil LED light that uses link cables and has minimal clearance around the control port. One of the ends of the cable has a 90-degree connection, instead of straight. The other end does still have a…

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