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    …need to read color charts, trust Hanna's HI702 Copper Checker to know the precise amount of copper in your aquarium water. The High Range Colorimeter gives greater precision over previous models and gives you a digital reading on a large LCD display. Copper is generally used in saltwater aquariums…

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    …Always Test We Recommend the Hanna High Range Copper Checker (HI702) Whenever treating with copper, we recommend regular testing of copper concentrations to ensure safe and effective treatment. One of the best tools for this is the Hanna Copper Checker. This handheld colorimeter is well…

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    …HI702 High Range Copper Checker with the HI702-11 Copper Standards. Each kit includes two cuvettes, one sealedcuvette that will read at 0ppm of copper, and then another cuvette that is tinted to an equivalent of 2.0ppm (± 0.10) @ 25°C. Each set it checked at Hanna's state of the art…

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    Hanna HI702-25 includes 25 pre-measured reagent packets that can be used with the HI702 High Range Copper Checker. Each package has been designed for a single use and allows for a perfect reagent measurement that will not become contaminated. The reagents use the Bicinchoninate Method which produces…

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