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    …Included Hanna DKH Colorimeter Red Sea Calcium Pro Test Kit AquaForest Magnesium Test Kit NYOS Nitrate REEFER Test Kit Hanna Phosphate Ultra Low Range PPM Colorimeter Each of these test kits has been hand-picked for quality and their ability to deliver fast and simple to understand results. Hanna

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    1mL Graduated Syringes are an excellent resource for precision dosing of small amounts of liquid. They're the perfect for handling liquid reagents in test kits such as the Hanna Checkers, but can also be useful for very small doses of additives, medications, or even liquid foods. Accurately dose…

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    …concentrations. Always Test We Recommend the Hanna High Range Copper Checker (HI702) Whenever treating with copper, we recommend regular testing of copper concentrations to ensure safe and effective treatment. One of the best tools for this is the Hanna Copper Checker. This handheld colorimeter is…

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    …ability to purchase replacement reagents when needed. The biggest key with Hanna checkers is keeping the vials nice and clean for consistent results. Uses Hanna HI772-26 liquid reagents Three simple steps to results. The Hanna Alkalinity Checker bridges the gap between simple chemical test kits and…

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