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    …Bird ITC-308 Temperature Controller shows you the current temperature of your aquarium, and also lets you set customized high and low set points to control your tanks heaters and chillers all from a single unit. Large LED Display Simple Set Up Audible Alarm Dual Control Dual Relay Up to 1000W Output


    Maintain the proper temperature for your tank inhabitants with JBJ TRUE TEMP Digital Heater Controller. Settings accurate to +/- 0.5° F Calibration setting Smart memory chip LED heating indicator Large LED display of the current temperature. Heater sold separately


    …quality, compact electric, titanium heaters for years and allow you to create a safe and very stable temperature within the tank. The titanium body of the HMA-S heater is virtually unbreakable unlike glass heaters and are corrosion resistant. All HMA-S heaters now include a plastic guard to cover…

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    A large display digital thermometer with Alert feature. Displays both aquarium water temperature and room temperature. Available in °F or °C models. Has four Alert features. (Alarm will sound and LED flashes) High Temp Alert Only (Probe) Both High & Low Temp Alert Only (Air/Room) Low Temp Alert Only…


    …Neo-Therm heaters are very unique.  They have a super thin profile that allows them to fit into tight spaces like on AIO compartments, or sump baffles. With its easy to set and easy to read control system, setting a heater has never been this easy. Easy to set "One Touch" control Advanced electronic…

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    …temperature control: 65-93° F Made from shatter-proof laboratory glass TruTemp technology - ability to calibrate the heater for precise temperature Easy calibration to ±2ºF Run dry protection with Thermo safety control - heater shuts off when not submerged UL Certified Heater ON/OFF control lamp to…

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    Maintain temperature control to provide a safe and stable environment for your tank inhabitants with the Finnex HMO Titatium Digital Control Heater. Digital accuracy within to +/-2°F keeps water temperatures at a constant level. HMO-50: 50W – 10-20 Gallon tank HMO-100: 100W – 20-30 Gallon tank…

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    …heating tubes do not come with any type of temperature control. We suggest a simple heater controller like the Cobalt Neo-stat, or our preferred heater controller is a ReefKeeper Lite Controller. Any temperature control device will work, the heaters only require a grounded outlet to plug into. Three…

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    Compatible with the Tunze 7000 Smart Controller. Control your Calcium Reactor, Pumps, Heaters and much more with the Tunze Controller Power Socket. Programmable through the Tunze 7000 Smart Controller and comes with a Y-adapter built into the control cord letting you run more accessories.


    …SmartController 7000. The new controller lets you connect and sync all of your accessories together through a single controller giving you maximum control through individual channels. Includes Temp Probe Tunze Light Control Tunze Pump Control Heater Control pH Control CO2 Control Compatible with…


    JBJ TRUE TEMP Titatium Heating System includes: Digital Heater Controller - accurate and precise to +/- 0.5° F Titatium Heater with Safety Guard Remote Temperature Probe - remote quick disconnect temperature probe can be placed up to 5 Ft away from the heating element for a comprehensive temperature…

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    …tank will cost you in electrical usage. By plugging in your electrical devices the Kill a Watt will tell you how many amps, and watts your pump, heater, or any 120v electrical device. With the ever increasing electrical costs having the ability to monitor the efficiency of your pumps and lights can…


    Low profile, low noise fan. Produces a linear air flow movement over the surface of the water, accelerating the evaporation process and thus achieving a cooling of the water (1.8° to 3.6° F) on 500 liters (132 US gal.) in standard aquariums. Low 5V power supply unit.


    Easily calibrate your heater with the Digital Instant Read Themometer from OXO Good Grips. Large, easy to read numbers Fahrenheit and Celsius readings Temperature range from -40° to 302° F (-40° to 150° C) Accuracy range of +/- 2° F LR44 Battery included Hand wash only


    Easily view the temperature of your tank with the Digi-Temp2. Large display shows temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Compact design for discreet application. Temperature range is -58° F to 158° F (-50 C to 70 C). Accurate to +/- 1.5° F. 41” temperature probe cord for easy configuration.


    …we use to calibrate our temperature probes, heaters and any other device that requires calibration. We will usually double check calibration with the VWR Thermometer about once a month, and you may be surprised what you find with your probes or heaters calibration over time. Fully Calibrated using…


    Simple easy temperature control for the Nova Tec IceProbe Chiller. Controlling your IceProbe Chiller has never been easier with the proportional temperature controller that is now available from Nova Tec. The controller has a range sensing range between 65ºF and 85ºF with an adjustable set point…

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