Heavy Metal Remover

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    …improving water quality. * Improves water clarity by removing dyes and organic discoloration. * Eliminates odors caused by decaying organic material. * Removes copper from medicated systems. * Removes lead and other heavy metals. * Completely Reef Safe   …

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    …copper and heavy metals. CupriSorb will remove copper more rapidly and efficiently than carbon and is ideal for emergency copper removal. CupriSorb is a copper specific chelating resin. Competing products are not chelating products, but merely cation exchange resins. Such resins can remove copper…

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    …degradation. * Discourages pathogens from establishing themselves in areas of damaged tissue. * Not a medication; contains no antibiotics or heavy metals. * Over 50% stronger than competing products.   Instructions: To prepare solution, add 1.0 ml (~20 drops) of…

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    …of different organics that specialize in binding to heavy metals that in excess can be harmful to your aquarium. Detox is the only product on the market that can actually remove copper down to undetectable levels with ICP testing. Heavy metals can be introduced to a reef tank through various items…

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