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    Easily calibrate and test proper functionality of your Hanna Checker HI755 Alkalinity for marine water. Contains Standard A and Standard B Follow instructions in packaging Acceptable results must be between 90 and 110 ppm at 25°C Hanna Checker Instructions for Marine Alkalinity Standards: 1.…

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    Reagent refill for Alkalinity Colorimeter HI772 or HI755 Hanna Checker HC - Marine Water. Enough reagent for 25 tests. Item #: HI755-26

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    The Hanna Alkalinity checker is an awesome little tool that will give you accurate easy to read results. If you have bad eyes or have a hard time with titration test kits, the digital read out on the Hanna checkers is super nice and easy to read. The biggest key with Hanna checkers is keeping the…

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