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    Reagent refill for Alkalinity Colorimeter HI772 or HI755 Hanna Checker HC Marine Water, as well as the Marine Master HI97105 Multiparameter Photometer. Enough reagent for 25 tests. Item #: HI755-26

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    The Hanna Alkalinity checker is an awesome little tool that will give you accurate easy to read results. If you have bad eyes or have a hard time with titration test kits, the digital read out on the Hanna checkers is super nice and easy to read. The biggest key with Hanna checkers is keeping the…

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    …and when it is finished the results are printing out on a large LCD display that is clear and easy to read. HI772 Marine Alkalinity (dKH) Checker Simple, easy, and accurate the Hanna HI772 Alkalinity Checker is our top choice for an alkalinity test kit. If we were to suggest testing a single element…

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    …test kits have limited accuracy and very hard to repeat that usually will rely on the human eye and lighting to determine the reading. Hanna's HI772 Alkalinity Checker is much more reliable with their single light source with a fixed wavelength that will give the electronic checker the ability…

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    Easily calibrate and test proper functionality of your Hanna Checker HI772 Alkalinity (DKH) for fresh and marine water. Contains Standard A and Standard B Follow instructions in packaging Includes certificate of analysis Reusaable with long shelf life Hanna Checker Instructions for Marine Alkalinity…

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    …hobbyist-reviewed test kits that deliver clear and consistent results, time after time. This bundle includes: 1x Alkalinity DKH Colorimeter HI772 Hanna Checker - Marine - Hanna Instruments 1x Phosphate Ultra Low Range PPM Colorimeter HI774 Hanna Checker - Marine - Hanna Instruments 1x Nitrate…

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    …test kits has been hand-picked for quality and their ability to deliver fast and simple to understand results. Hanna Alkalinity DKH Colorimeter - HI772 The Hanna Alkalinity checker is an awesome little tool that now will give results in DKH values that are much more common in the aquarium hobby. It…

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