High Precision Hydrometer

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    …the Tropic Marin Hydrometer comes in. The Tropic Marin High Precision Hydrometer provides an exact and reliable measurement of specific gravity, and it never needs to be re-calibrated, so it's a perfect reference device for calibrating other equipment. High precision hydrometer for determining the…


    …correct! Even if you have a refractometer, it is only as good as how accurate it is calibrated. BRS Calibration Solutions are made of high purity salts that are precisely mixed for their particular application.  1.0264sg or 35ppt or 53µS 60mL (250oz)   Calibration of any testing device is required…


    Precise & Reliable Specific Gravity Readings in any Lighting Conditions! Refractometers are a must-have piece of equipment for any aquarists! Easily and accurately measure the salinity of your tank and with the built-in LED light, your readings will be consistent no matter the type of ambient light…

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