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    …aquariums. Mysis Shrimp are a staple, primary food source for marine and freshwater fish alike. These whole mysis shrimp are gut loaded with nutrients, while being naturally high in amino acids which directly helps growth, and overall health that your fish. Hikari Bio-Pure Frozen Mysis Shrimp is an…

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    …Through Hikari's Mega-Power Freezer Retains natural color Retains natural shape Retains nutritional benefits Guaranteed Analysis:Crude Protein - 10.5% minCrude Fat - 1.0% minCrude Fiber - 2.0% maxMoisture - 85.0% maxPhosphorous - 0.01% min Jumbo Mysis Shrimp Ingredients:Large Mysis Shrimp, water,…

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    …brand and types of frozen food and we have yet to find any to match the quality for the price of Hikari's Canadian Mysis Shrimp. Lake Okanagan mysis is one of the most sought after species of shrimp in the world, and can be found in the pristine, glacier fed Lake Okanagan. Mysis Shrimp are invasive…

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    Hikari? 3-step sterilized Free of harmful bacteria Free of harmful parasites Free of foul odors Bio-encapsulated with multi-vitamins Vitamins in the animal not the water Similar to gut loading Guarantees your pet gets the vitamins Provides maximum nutrition for your fish Processed Through Hikari's

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    An excellent food for finicky fish that require nutritious food but may not be ready to accept full size mysis shrimp. One Size Available 3.5 oz Blister Pack Frozen Brine Shrimp that have been harvested when they are gut loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Feeding this excellent treat will…

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