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    Sold by the Foot. Why does BRS recommend this? For ultra-quiet plumbing a small section of silicone tubing is key. We recommend at least a small piece to isolate pumps from the ridged plumbing. Silicone tubing can kink fairly easily, so it isn’t the best to use in locations with hard bends, however…

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    Black Vinyl Tubing will help keep light from entering your plumbing like traditional clear tubing will. The black color also keeps things looking sharp and clean. Five Sizes Available: 1/2" ID x 5/8" OD 3/4" ID x 1" OD 1" ID x 1 1/4" OD 1 1/4" ID x 1 1/2" OD 1 1/2" ID x 2" OD

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    Reinforced braided vinyl tube is far superior to normal vinyl tubing because it seals better on barbed fittings and is extremely kink resistant. Very popular for the saltwater aquarium hobbyists. Extremely Kink resistant Made from non-toxic PVC Reinforced with spiraled polyester yarn to reduce…

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    Perfectly Sized Tubing For XAQUA's INOUT Overflow System This kit allows you to quickly plumb the INOUT Overflow and Return System to your sump and return pump. The black tubing keeps things looking clean and does not allow algae to grow in the tubing, that could cause a flow restriction.  Soft…


    The safest standalone ATO on the market! The Neptune ATK System comes with everything you will need to get an automatic top off system up and running within minutes. The ATK can be used on its own without the necessity of an Apex Controller, but if you have an Apex, the ATK will integrate seamlessly…


    …x 1⁄2" Hose Stem 6 Ft 1/2" I.D. Silicone Tubing   The BRS Silicone Tubing Upgrade Kit, allows you to upgrade your rigid push connect tubing to soft silicone tubing on all BRS reactors. Simply use the Stem Adapters to slide it into the push connect fittings, and then cut the silicone hose to length…


    Standard 1/4" (OD) tube for RO systems (Sold by the foot) Made in the USA, Mur-lok Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) tubing is designed for use with all Mur-lok and John Guest push connect fittings. Mur-lok polyethylene tubing offers excellent pressure and temperature ratings and has…

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    Barbed Aquatic Ball Valves for regulating water flow through standard hose used for devices such as canister filters, pump return lines, protein skimmers, calcium reactors, etc. Hose slips onto barbed end for secure fit in ½”, 5/8”, ¾” and 1” I.D. tubing.

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    Use Street (Spigot) x Barb/Inserts where you want to use flexible tubing. More professional look than white Schedule 40 PVC. This street/spigot barb connector is great for converting plumbing fittings like gate valves or check valves to work with flexible tubing, or when you want to use flexible…

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    Extended Gravel tubes for the Python No Spill Clean and Fill water changing system. If you need to replace your worn out, or simply just want to upgrade your water change system, we carry a variety of extended sizes. Extended Gravel Tube Diameter - 2" (all models)

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    …Reactor comes with the following features over our standard BRS reactor. Sleek black styling Heavy duty built In bracket Included elbows for easy hose routing Pressure release for allowing air to escape Lower profile canister with increased transparency. Ultra-transparent media cartridge allows for…

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    …Couplings and Adapters can make water changes and other maintenance chores a breeze. By having them hooked up to reactors, pumps, and water change hoses you can easily use the same pump that runs your reactor to drain your sump for a water change. The interchangeable sizes make them really handy for…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Jurassic Gel is Bulk Reef Supplies number one choice for super glue when aquascaping in a dry tank.  The large 200 gram tube allows you to liberally use the super glue to make an ultra-stable aquascape.  The glue is just thick enough to bridge small gaps and gives a much…

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    Target feed your finnicky fish and SPS, LPS and soft corals with the convenient two pack from Skimz. Includes 2 feeders Each feeder is 1/4" Acrylic tube Small: 14.75" Long: 24.5"


    Perfect for dosing with the Kamoer X4 WiFi Dosing System Dimensions - 9.25" L x 2.375" W x 8.5" H Labeled for Calcium Solutions 2 Liter Volume Slim Space Saving Design Includes Level Sensor  Includes Intake Tube


    Hold three separate liquids for dosing to your reef tank. 12.5" L x 4.5" W x 7" H Three compartments 1500 mL volume per compartment Graduation markings Compact design Includes intake tubing and soft tubing


    Four Channel High Precision Dosing System Control the Kamoer X4 with WiFi through your PC, iPhone, or Android Device to accurately dose and maintain your tanks levels. Dose Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium, and many other liquid elements along with carbon based liquids. The level of control with the…


    Know Your Flow! 1/4" Flow Sensor for the Fluid Metering Module from Neptune.  The FS-25 will work with flow rates from 3-12 gph, and will connect to any standard 1/4" push connect tubing.


    Why does BRS recommend this? All of the BRS reactors come with easy to use push connect tubing, flow control, and a refillable cartridge.  We took easy to find components to keep things cheap, while designing an efficient easy to refill reactor for aquarium use.  We keep hearing our reactors are the…

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    Replacement SIlicone Hose for Skimz Skimmers


    Secure your PVC pipe to any solid surface with the Surface Mounting Clamp. Simple clipping mechanism to hold pipe. Available in eight sizes for 1/2" to 4" pipe. Grey

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    U-shaped return to connect to ½” to ¾” or ¾” to 1" vinyl tubing from return pumps. These adjustable return jets allow you to adjust the direction of the water flow into the aquarium. Sold individually. Hose not included.

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    Emerald ATO reservoirs feature crystal clear acrylic with an elegant emerald top, to hold top off water for your aquarium in a closed container. The Trigger Systems ATO containers have a removable lid to prevent excess evaporation, while providing a large opening to refill and clean the reservoir as…


    Extension tube for Drew's Doser. Sold by the foot.


    A built-in overflow is the most efficient method of draining aquarium water to a filter. If your aquarium does not have built-in overflow, CPR Continuous Siphon Overflows/Prefilters are the best means for getting water from an aquarium to a filter system. They quietly skim up to six times more water…


    Why does BRS recommend this? Water changes are a top secret to success in the hobby. Having equipment that makes water changes easier is the key to doing the water changes your tank needs on a regular basis. With high quality fittings at a very affordable price the Python water change systems will…

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    This is the exact same tubing we use for our CO2 Scrubbers.  3/8" ID x 1/2" OD Clear Flexible Easy to work with


    Why does BRS recommend this? Acrylic tubes have many different purposes. Using these for DIY projects like kalkwasser drippers, feeding tubes and they even can be used to help add support small aquascapes, it is always a good idea to have extra acrylic tubing on hand.   16" of clear acrylic tube…


    6 segments of 1/2" Loc-Line Modular Hose measures 5.5" 6 segments of 3/4" Loc-Line Modular Hose measures 6" Loc-Line flexible modular plumbing offers endless plumbing configurations and is useful for unique plumbing designs. Loc-Line is commonly used on return lines and closed loops where it is…

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    …be Sicce. Quiet, energy-efficient pump for a variety of uses in wet or dry application. Use in salt or freshwater. Output: 714 GPH Maximum Head Height: 9.9 Ft Power Consumption: 48W Inlet: 3/4" Female NPT or 3/4"-1" Hose Outlet: 3/4" Female NPT or 3/4"-1" Hose Dimensions: 4.84" x 3.35" x 4.13"