Hydra 26 Mount

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    The Hydra FiftyTwo and TwentySix LED lights now have a single light tank mounting option that uses rigid rails, and let you fully customize the positioning of your LED light.  The Single Light Mounts look great on their own, or if you can use multiple units for a super clean, industrial appearance.…


    The HMS Multi Light Mounting Kit was designed for tanks that use multiple AI Hydra LED modules and is a part of an overall system that lets you customize and mount your lights directly to the sides of your tank. RMS System Requires: HMS Multi Light Mount Kit or HMS Hanging Kit HMS Multi Light Track…


    …you use as many Hydra modules that you desire and fit within the track system. The tracks are great for multiple light systems keeping them all at the same height, but lets you space and orient the LED units right where you want them. RMS System Requires: HMS Multi Light Mount Kit or HMS Hanging…

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    …hold the Hydra series of LED lights from Aqua Illumination. The stiff, yet flexible arm gives you complete control over the height and positioning of your LED unit. Each Flex Arm comes with clamps to secure the FiftyTwo or TwentySix series of LED lights along with tank mounting brackets that…

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