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Ice Cap Battery

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    …Dimensions: 5.75W x 5L x 3.125H *Note: Depending on the pump and pump controller you are using, the pump may not slow down during a power loss when the battery backup is activated, which will affect run time. Whats Included? Battery Backup Module Battery Charger Installation Cables User Instructions

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    …internet connection is unavailable. No matter your situation, the HYDROS WaveEngine will work to keep your tank alive!Battery Backup An optional battery backup system (sold separately) is available so that the HYDROS WaveEngine will move into more energy efficient patterns (defined by you) to allow…

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    …in Alternating Gyre Mode (additional cable required) Battery Backup Compatible Backwardcompatible with Maxspect XF150 series. Neptune Apex Ready Another great feature of the module is that it allows you to hook up your gyre to a backup battery. The module will automatically detect when the main…

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    …Tips: Rinse tip with fresh water and pat dry after each test Calibration should be done every month with 35.00 ppt calibration solution Replace batteries when "LOW" icon is displayed to retain reading Technical Details: Range Specific Gravity (SG): 1.000 ~ 1.041 PPT Range: 0 - 50 PSU: 0 - 60…

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