Ice Cap Skimmer Stand

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    …Adjustable Skimmer Stand provides your skimmer with a solid, stable platform at just the right height to get the best performance. Sometimes the water levels in your sump may be too deep for your skimmer to perform optimally. The Skimmer Stand makes it easy to raise your protein skimmer to the ideal…

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    …a CO2scrubber to the air intake of your protein skimmer is a great way to increase and keep your pH level within the ideal range. Instructions for use Fill your reactor with CO2 Absorbent Media Connect the output of the reactor to the skimmer's intake Monitor your pH and replace the media once…

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    …Best of all, it isnt limited to two pumps! Add a Maxspect Gyre into the pattern if you want too. Do you have a controllable return pump or skimmer? Bring them to the party because the HYDROS WaveEngine will control them too! Check out THIS LINKto see a full list of pump compatibility. Clutter…

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