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    The new Orphek Atlantik iCon (Intelligent Connectivity) provides a full range of features you've never seen before! With a new App, improved air flow and cooling system, faster connectivity, and 1000% dimming control; the new Atlantik iCon LED is the future of coral lighting. 1000% dimming controls…

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    …with fresh water and pat dry after each test Calibration should be done every month with 35.00 ppt calibration solution Replace batteries when "LOW" icon is displayed to retain reading Technical Details: Range Specific Gravity (SG): 1.000 ~ 1.041 PPT Range: 0 - 50 PSU: 0 - 60 Temperature: 32 -176F…

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    …high-end features at an affordable price, but now with a more intuitive design modified for ease of use and adjustability. Additional wording and icons have been added to remove any confusion about the controls and to display relevant information at a glance. A knob has been added to more easily…

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