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    …and the Ink Bird will take care of the rest. The controller has an audible alarm that will sound if temperatures go over the high or low set point and if the sensor is ever to fault or fail. Programming an aquarium temperature controller cannot be made any easier than the Ink Bird ITC-308. …


    Cobalt Mini-Therm heaters are perfect for Pico tanks that require a small heater that will evenly heat the tank in a small package.  10 Watt - Good for tanks up to 2.4 Gallons* 20 Watt - Good for tanks up to 4.8 Gallons* *Will raise recommended size aquarium temperature up to 10° over ambient temps.…

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    Keep your Ink Bird Temperature Controller operating smoothly. Probe replacement should be done when the existing probe no longer holds calibration. New probes need to be calibrated before operation for proper function. We recommend the use of a separate calibration thermometer during calibration and…


    Titanium heating tubes are virtually unbreakable, and corrosion resistant allowing the use in salt or freshwater aquariums. The titanium housing will resist damage a traditional heater would normally encounter while also providing another level of protection with the use of a plastic guard which…

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