Inkbird Temperature Controller

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    controllers is the chance that you may be heating and cooling your tank at the same time causing erratic temperature swings and wasted energy. Plug in your heater and chiller into the included sockets and then set your desired temperatures, and the Ink Bird will take care of the rest. The controller


    …Supply Aquarium Temperature Controller Ink Bird ITC-308S-A Aquarium Temperature Controller   Specifications: Temperature range: -58 ° F~210 ° F / -50 °C ~99 °C Probe Material: Plastic Cord Length (excluding probe): 6.5 ft (2m)   What's Included: 1 x Detachable Aquarium Temperature Probe with Fixed…


    …Resists corrosion Virtually unbreakable Fast heating Requires heating controller to operate Requires Separate Temperature Controller - We suggest using an InkBird Temperature Controller but there are many other temperature controllers that will work well with the Finnex Titanium TH Heating Elements.

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    …of it failing is virtually zero. On many small tanks, the temperature is a real concern with how fast the temps can rise and fall. We do recommend using a heater controller like an InkBird Temp Controller for ultimate temperature control.  Great for Fresh or Saltwater Aquariums Fully Submersible…

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