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    Why does BRS recommend this? This is the perfect companion product for dry rock if you are looking to speed up the tank cycle. BRS has had very good success using it in our own tanks and recommend this product to anyone starting a new tank.It is a very effective source of live nitrifying bacteria…

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    Instantly create a bio filter in saltwater aquariums that can eliminate new tank syndrome and remove toxic ammonia and nitrite without any sulfurs or odors. Perfect for fishless cycling new aquariums, especially if used with Dr.Tim's Ammonium Chloride. Four Sizes Available: 2oz - up to 30 gallon…

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    …changing water, changing filter media, after medicating , or whenever ammonia or nitrite are detected. Allows instant addition of fish Limits toxic ammonia and nitrite Helps prevent fish loss Immediately starts aquarium cycle Contains live, nitrifying bacteria No refrigeration required All natural

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    …for customized spectrums and intensities that can be viewed instantly. Quick Set - Create your own 24-hour custom lighting cycle that can be repeated daily with up to 6 different set points. Auto Mode - Replicate seasonal growing cycles with adjustable critical day lengths. Compatible With: Kessil…

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    …things you can see happening. The daily light cycle swing on calcium carbonate uptake. A salinity drop by watching magnesium. An out of sync dosing of calcium. This increased understanding ultimately helps you maintain a better, more successful reef. Instant Alerts You can set up your Apex to alert…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? When we at Bulk Reef Supply set up a tank that we know will have large amounts of flow our instant choice for sand is the Arag-Alive Special Grade Sand from CaribSea. With its larger particle size, it does not get pushed around like most other smaller grain sand sizes…

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    Add instant beauty and drama to your aquascape with natural-looking Branch Rock Made in the USA! Real Reef Branch Rock is some of the best we've seen and makes a great replacement for the famous Tonga Branch rock we used to love for our aquascapes. Each rock is man-made right in the USA using top…

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