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    …- 1mL per minute Max Flow Rate - 120 mL per minute PharMed Tubing Life - 2000 Hours Pump Tubing Size - 1/8" ID   What's Included? 1x Kamoer FX-STP WiFi Dosing Pump 1x Power Supply 2x Tubing Adapters (1/8" to 1/4") 1 Meter 1/8" ID Tubing 1 Meter…

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    …With Other Kamoer X1 MicroPumps Kamoer X1 Dosing Pumps are perfect for almost any aquarium that needs liquids dosed up to 12 times per day or all the way down to one time every 30 days. The single channel dosing pump can be controlled on its own, or in a sequence with other X1 pumps all through…

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    Keep your Kamoer FX-STP Dosing Pump system running like new with the PharMed Replacement Tube Assembly. The PharMed tubing will last about 2000 hours of use and should be replaced after that for reliable long-term use. We also suggest replacing the Pump Head when replacing the tubing.  …

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    Replacement 6-roller head assembly for the Kamoer FX-STP Dosing Pump. Over time it is common for the rollers to start to wear and cause additional friction, which can slow the pumps motor and require additional electricity to operate. We recommend changing the pump head assembly every 9000…

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    Replacement input and output connectors for Kamoer WiFi Dosing Pump Systems.   Replacement Kamoer Dosing Pump System input and output connectors are made to perfectly fit the Kamoer Dosing Pump Tubing. Replacement Tube Connectors let you replace your current ones, or if you need to…

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