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    …spectrum for freshwater tanks and refugiums Compatible with 0~10V Controller Apex Ready+ - Certified by Neptune Systems. Use Kessil A360 Neptune Apex Control Cable Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper. Use Kessil A360 ReefKeeper Control Cable Control multiple lights by connecting them with the Kessil A360…


    …  The Kessil A160WE Tuna Sun is perfect for nano and pico freshwater aquariums. Emitting a spectrum range of 6,000K to 9,000K making them a perfect light for fast growth, and coloration. Pair the A160WE up with a Kessil A-series gooseneck for an easy and quick mounting solution. Kessil Logic -…


    …highly suggest quarantining or at a minimum rinsing the plant with freshwater before it is added to your tank. It will grow best in a dedicated refugium area that has a moderate flow with a strong light source such as the Kessil H-series LED fixtures. We suggest starting with an 8-hour per day…

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